Diego Cagara


Following content style guide to update

web pages/banners and streamline user experience.

My client was Cox Communications, one of the country’s largest Internet, phone, cable TV and home automation service providers.


Cox Communications (FCB Chicago's client)


Create/review copy docs

Collaborate with UX designers on wireframes

Follow content style guide and content strategy

Present and deliver work to client


Microsoft Word, Microsoft Teams, Figma


Ongoing (since fall 2020)

As part of a creative/UX team of 15+ people at FCB Chicago, an advertising agency, my client was Cox Communications, a major telecommunications company.

PROBLEM: The client's new content strategy was to update copy and design in its web pages/banners to promote transparency, flexibility and ease to customers. Their goal was to boost online traffic, consumer sales and streamline the online user experience.

Below is a sampling of some web pages and banners I helped rewrite while keeping the company's warm, conversational and human brand voice in mind:

When a customer moves to a new apartment and needs to transfer their Cox Wifi services there, I helped rewrite empathetic copy (above), as moving is often a hectic and stressful task.

Cox wants support pages like this to empower people to take action, so I had fun making the headline directly address the customer, with a clear CTA and a reminder of benefits they can expect.

When a product is outdated or doesn't work, Cox wants customers to not worry and follow easy steps to get back on track.

My team and I ensured the copy (above) is light-hearted and empathetic. We also numbered the steps to make the page more engaging with a clear CTA and helpful in-text links.

New customers who signed up for Cox Wifi would see this banner (above) in their "Welcome" email.

As the client wanted it to sound more purposeful, I replaced the generic "Learn more" CTA with "Explore features" to give customers more agency. I also rewrote the body copy to remind them of Cox Panoramic Wifi's benefits in a warm and conversational tone.

When customers shop smart home features, I helped ensure the concise copy inform them what features are available and that they have the freedom to choose what they like for their household.

I also collaborated with UX designers to make the page look more scannable, so it's easy to learn more about each feature and to follow the company's color scheme to look more uniform.

The original web page’s version (above) had too much copy and lacked engaging visuals to immediately inform customers of what smart home features are available. The header image also doesn’t have a human presence and lacks approachability.

Having visuals at first glance is important to also give customers a preview of what to expect before they learn more about each feature.